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February 2024 : Intuitive Spa Boxes & Meditation

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February has always been a heavy month for me. I feel the weight of the weather and my mind settles on deeper and often darker thoughts. As I age I have found ways to celebrate the slow stillness. To welcome the darkness and explore its shadows, to find deeper dimensions of my being. While allowing the inner reflection. I also find that by surrounding myself with vignettes of bright and optimistic color I can find balance during this month. 

Ancient Rituals At Home


Meditation is a powerful tool for physical, mental, and spiritual health. Mindfulness meditation can be traced back to the first written records of yogic meditation in the Vedas in India thousands of years ago. 

Each form of meditation can achieve specific goals but most forms generally help you become more aware of the way your mind works and how your feelings and behavior are connected. 

Forms of meditation include mindfulness, mantra, movement, and spiritual meditation. 


In our Rituals

We’ve been inspired by an idea to bring mediative spa experiences to you at home through our new ritual candles.

Light your candle while listening to one of our Intuitive Spa playlists and allow your mind to take over. 

Breathe in for 5 seconds and breathe out for 5 seconds allowing all your thoughts to flow in and out and mediating on the flame. Receive and release. Breathe in and breathe out. Repeat until you feel relieved and refreshed. 

This is a sample of what our Intuitive Spa boxes can guide you through. Our Spa boxes are a curated collection of products designed to be used in a sequence and rhythm through an in-depth, guided meditation in tandem with our botanical products.

Galentine's Gift Ideas

Treat yourself and your besties this Valentine’s day to a special night filled with self-care and relaxation through our Intuitive Spa Boxes. Each box includes a guided spa pamphlet and audio therapy customized to each box.

Invite a sense of tranquility and illumination into your life with this healing candle: crafted with pure Ayurvedic botanicals, its transformative power will help you find a renewed sense of balance.

Share the gift of inner peace and mindfulness with a curated collection of luxury spa elements to transform your mind, body, and home into sanctuary.

Bring your body and soul into harmony. A potent blend of natural oils, powders, and herbs that work in conjunction with one another to support our bodies through this heavy season.

Take refuge in this restorative collection comprised of our best selling mind, body, and home healing products.

Fable bar soaps are rich and nourishing for your skin. The unique high organic fat content ensures an exceptionally moisturizing product, while its chemical-free recipe makes it ideal for sensitive skin

Give the gift of routine and ritual. Every step of a complete skincare routine can be found in this set of six iconic FABLERUNE products, suitable for all skin types.

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