Spring Equinox

Transitioning your routine with the season - Spring equinox rituals

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From Winter To Spring

Tuesday at 8:06pm Pacific is the Spring Equinox - a time of renewal, fertility, and rebirth. A time to reflect on the shadows of the winter and look forward with optimism to the spring. At Fable, this time marks a season of change, of planting seeds and watching them grow. Take time tonight to look ahead with expansive possibility and honor the release you may be feeling. Seasons changing, even when welcomed, can cause unsettling emotions.

Shower and care for yourself, indulge in a moment of selfcare honoring the movement from dark to light.

The winter freeze is thawing, which means it's time to tap into our bodies and especially our skin. On the day of the equinox we love to declutter our space and begin with new rituals.


Fresh Spring SKin

As we shake off the winter heaviness from our form and look to recalibrate, the best place to start is with our Turmeric Charcoal & Copaiba Facial Cleanser. An abundance of botanical wonders that support your skin through this transition, including Copaiba to balance hormones, and Licorice Root to protect with antioxidants.

Hydrate, NOurish, & Heal

After cleansing, it’s critical to add moisture back to your skin to support your lipid barrier. Use our Neroli & Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist and then massage in our Copaiba & Tamanu Balancing Facial Oil, taking time to lightly move the lymph. This season can be stressful on the immune system.

Listen, Then add Support

If your skin is damaged, reactive, or just needs a little extra nourishment, we recommend our Agave & Golden Algae Vital Cream. Full of complexion-fortifying ingredients this cream helps restore healthy skin. Everyone’s skin is different, and changes with the seasons, so be intentional and listen to your body.

Weekly Rituals

Once a week we love adding a masking ritual to our regular routine. Our Probiotic & Kelp Marine Mask works best for this time of transition as it fortifies, heals, and nourishes in the gentlest manner.

Beauty In Simplicity

We hope these seasonal tips help you find a new direction in your routine. Listen as you incorporate these new botanicals into your rituals, view them as your transitional allies and trust your inner knowing as to what your skin really needs. We always believe that less is more, but be meditative and let your skin guide the way. These simple yet profound rituals help reconnect us with nature's rhythms. We can feel disoriented with the time change, and a big seasonal transition, but our skincare can routine can help ground us. Remember to find beauty in simplicity.

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