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May 2024 : Ayurvedic Mud Scrub & Mother's Day Gift Guide

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May is one of my favorite months of the year, it was the month I became a mother and was forever changed. It is a month where the optimism of summer is palpable, and it is the month we celebrate the hard work of all of the nurtures in our lives. It is a month of gratitude, A month to pour freely from a full cup.

Ancient Rituals At Home

Ayurvedic Mud Scrub

In ancient Ayurvedic tradition natural muds from the earth are a known healing ingredient and have been used for many years. Mud has been used to help detoxify your body and rejuvenate your skin by removing all the dead cells and restoring the pH balance.

Ayurevedic Mud Scrub

Rooted in Ancient Ritual

We crafted our Rosehip & Algae mud scrub with a unique formula of clays, flowers, and powders that tap into the ancient Ayurvedic tradition.

  • Chickpea flour has been used in Ayurveda for centuries to help heal and combat acne.
  • Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and lightens dark spots.
  • Rosehip powder helps improve the skin's firmness and prevent fine lines by advancing collagen formation. Rosehips are also high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that promotes the renewal and growth of skin cells, giving Vitamin C a further regenerative boost. 

We love pulling from traditions that have stood the test of time, that pull us back into our ancestral beauty womb.

Ayurevedic Mud Scrub

Our Take on the Ritual

We love practicing this ritual as it's so easy to fit into our hectic lifestyle...

  •  Simply massage our Rosehip &  Algae scrub in circular upward motions onto your damp face (working from the center and then outward). 
  • Breathe deeply throughout the process, the peppermint opens the lungs and cools the system. 
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and cleanser, or leave on as a treatment mask for 10-15 minutes.

Gifts to give the nurturer in your life

Bring the beloved Caregivers and nurturers in your life a new ritual they can carry with them day-to-day. Give them an excuse to slow down for a night to indulge in self-care and bring on a sense of self love.

Gift Boxes


The perfect gift to treat an expecting mother or a new mama. Filled with all of our most relaxing and nurturing products to ensure a wonderful experience


Share the gift of inner peace and mindfulness with a curated collection to transform your mind, body, and home into sanctuary.


Give your mothers an in-home spa night with this luxurious mind and body ritual. Our Self Care Set is made to detox, tone and soothe with our favorite products.

Skincare gifts


This face mask combines the detoxifying and purifying properties of clay with hydrating and nourishing plant extracts. Gentle enzymes work to balance pH levels and reveal a youthful glow. The combination of probiotics and kelp promote healthy skin cell production, helping to reduce wrinkles and restore skin's natural balance. 

Pair this hydrating and healing mask with a face mask brush to give the simplest self-care night that anyone can enjoy.

Rose Clay Facial Cleanser & Reusable Face Cloths

Pair a perfectly gentle cleanser with our eco-friendly alternative to cotton rounds to elevate your mother’s skincare routine. Make a positive impact on the planet and provide a deep cleansing to your skin overdryingwhile calming redness without over drying using our Rose Clay & Lavendar Facial Cleanser.

Facial Oil & Gua Sha

Using a Gua Sha with our Copaiba & Tamanu Facial Oil is an ancient technique rooted in holistic rituals. By gently scraping areas of your face or body, you can improve circulation and promote skin rejuvenation. The Facial Oil sinks deep into skin, to help plump and smooth, giving an energized and brightened complexion. 

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