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Let's Talk Sunscreen + Moisturizer

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Our recommendation for clean SPF and why you shouldn't use combo products like all-in-one moisturizer.

We get so many questions from our customers asking why our Agave & Golden Algae Vital Cream doesn't contain SPF, and we wanted to take a few minutes to share why we omitted sun protection from our moisturizer formula.

Simply put, we do not believe that sunscreen is an ingredient that provides nutrients to your skin. Sunscreen needs to be its own separate layer and not diluted by the ingredients. Moisturizers are formulated to be absorbed into the skin, providing needed hydration and nutrients. Mixing SPF with other ingredients from a moisturizer dilutes the protective powers and we want you to have the maximum coverage possible while you’re out living your best summer lives ~


In general, sunscreen is intended to sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier between you and the sun's harmful UV rays. As a regulated drug, it must meet a certain SPF requirement for protection and go through rigorous testing. Unfortunately, this leaves little space to include other ingredients. That, and the fact that you should be continuously applying sunscreen throughout the day (which may not be ideal with a moisturizer or serum, based on your skin type or the product's price). Moisturizers with SPF typically aren't water-resistant, so they might not work as well if you're swimming or sweating.


No matter what sunscreen formula you choose, application rules still apply: Make sure to slather your skin every two hours, and don't skimp on your face, neck, chest, and any other areas of your body that will be exposed to the sun.


Here are our top picks for clean sunscreen (stay safe out there fable babes!)



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