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April 2023 - Spring Bath Soak DIY

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Spring is a time for self-growth and self-care. Taking time for a hot bath can bring you out of the winter darkness and into the fresh light of the new season. 

Here's a quick DIY bath soak to enjoy this month:


Begin building your bath soak with plants from your garden. I love gathering flowers and collecting the petals in a bowl, I then pour in olive oil to completely cover the petals and add 5 drops of wild orange & neroli essential oil over the top. I let them soak overnight and add the mixture to the bath with one cup of Epsom salt and one cup of baking soda.


Baking soda and Epsom salt help your body detoxify and eliminate the waste that can build up over the colder months. If I am feeling indulgent, I will add our Desert Moon Bath Soak for a truly transcendental experience to welcome spring.

Add a few healthy handfuls to your evening bath soak, pause, relax, and renew.


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