Rune: Fehu

Possessions || Nourishment || Cattle

A rune of fulfillment: ambition comes to fruition, achievements reached. This rune promises nourishment from the earth and the spirit. Look inward for a deep questioning of the true meaning of profit and gain in your life. What is needed for your well-being? The rune Fehu is to hold onto what has already been gained, vigilance and mindfulness. Do not collapse into your successes or behave recklessly. Relax in your good fortune, remember to share it and nourish others.


When this rune appears upside-down, there may be significant frustration in your life. Your efforts fall short, chances are missed, and you stand by and watch helplessly. This reversed rune indicates doubtful situations as your are put in touch with the shadow side of possessions. Take the opportunity to realize where true nourishment comes from in your life.