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June 2024 : Step-by-Step How to Gua Sha in your Rituals

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June is a month of magic and manifestation. Releasing the winter heaviness and allowing adventure and abandon to free your mind. What have you been ruminating on, where does your heart flow back two? Make space to go there. Make space to recognize your accomplishments while making allowing time to slow down. settle into the warm summer earth. Let her feelyou up and give you power to fufill your dreams. 

Ancient Rituals At Home


The ancient healing art of Gua Sha can be traced back to the Paleolithic Age, using smooth or flat objects to scrape various parts of the body. Rooted in East Asia, this Traditional Chinese Medicine practice was used to treat pain and illnesses through lymphatic circulation and positively impact qi, known as energy circulation. 

Gua Sha wasn’t practiced as a soothing skin-care ritual until the 21st century and traditionally was meant to scrape the skin with a gua sha tool until the skin bruised.

Gua Sha

In Our RItuals

We love to incorporate modern Gua Sha techniques into our daily rituals. 

“Every morning I cleanse my face with our Rose Clay & Lavendar cleanser and massage in our Copaiba & Tamanu facial oil. I then use my Gua Sha, helping me depuff, remove toxins and promote lymphatic drainage within my face and neck. This has become a slow self-care ritual I look forward to every morning.”

 ~ Jeriel

“I tend to hold a lot of tension in my jaw and face muscles… (hello to my TMJ besties!), so I start by washing my face and then massaging our Copaiba & Tamanu Balancing Oil into my skin. I then spend 15 minutes using my Gua Sha to relieve tightness and stress, this has really given me some relief and the ritual becomes my version of nightly meditation.”

 ~ Bobbie

Gua Sha

Step By Step


Prepping The Skin

Starting with a clean face and Gua Sha tool, apply a few drops of our Copaiba & Tamanu Balancing Facial Oil for moisture. Activate your lymph by pressing lightly above the collarbone 5 to 15 times. 


Neck + Chin

Using the spine of the Gua Sha apply pressure at the base of your neck and gently pull up to the bottom of your earlobe. 

Using light pressure use the U end of the tool and pull from the base of your throat up to your chin. Gently shake under your chin to break up stagnant toxins. 


Face ~ Cheekbones, Eyes Forehead

Using the spine of your Gua Sha gently glide from your lips up to your earlobe. Gently shake at the ear to relax the jaw. 

Using the U end of your Gua Sha flank your cheekbone and glide up your ear. This reduces inflammation around your eye. 

Using the U-shaped end pull the Gua Sha upwards from between your eyebrows to the top of your forehead, releasing tension in your sinuses and relaxing your brow muscles.

Basic Movements of Gua Sha

Recent Journals

Take a read into some of our most recent Journals you may have missed.


“As women, we will ride the pendulum of hormonal changes from our teenage years through menopause and our bodies are never consistent for very long. We are an ever changing, evolving system of unpredictable and often unsettling changes.

Not only will our hormones change but how we adapt to them must also change - especially pre-and-postpartum. We’ll be breaking down and discussing how to accommodate these changes with as much grace as our ever changing landscape will allow.”


“All of our systems are intertwined, one feeds into the other and vice versa. Lately it seems we have focused our intellectual energy on the brain-gut connection, while minimizing so many other systems that are deeply connected. As business owners, we have been ruminating on stress and the effects it has taken on our own bodies and our employees. These thoughts feel even heavier as we lean into Stress Awareness month.

The skin and the brain are inherently interconnected systems that share a powerful bond and one that keeps us safe. When there is heat on the skin the brain knows to pull away, when we are embarrassed we blush, and when we are suffering from anxiety, lack of sleep, or depression our brain and skin react to tell us to slow down and chill out. “

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